Who Is Scott Vanderspek?

Scott is a passionate and driven individual who aims to help people fulfill their real estate goals. He is an entrepreneur that cares about his client’s own success and future, while working to make his community a better place.

Scott Vanderspek

Your Surrey Real Estate Expert

Scott cares about his client’s real estate goals and helps them navigate the buying and selling process to ensure the best possible deal. When working with Scott you can expect effective & efficient communication so that you have a smooth and pleasent experience. Scott will walk you through the steps of purchasing a home, offering his knowledge and expertise in real estate investment. He can also provide detailed Comparative Market Analysis to help you have a successful sale. If you have decided to sell, there’s no better agent to represent you than Scott Vanderspek.

Qualification/ Associations

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Bachelor of Commerce

Scott graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on Operations Management.

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Operations Manager

Scott has excelled in the role of Operations Manager for multiple companies including Pacific Coast Express and Surrey Eagles Hockey Club.

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Real Estate Agent

He found that his passion lies real estate and has been pursuing this career ever since. Scott is a licensed real estate agent under Coldwell Banker Marquise Reality in Surrey, British Columbia.

Why You Need Scott as Your Real Estate Agent

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